gift for spn_j2_xmas gift exchange

Gift for backrose_17

Title: Let it Snow
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared
Medium: Art
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Jared is so shy that he when he asks Jensen out he fumbles his way through it. Thankfully Jensen’s been secretly waiting for Jared to ask, so he suggests a cozy dinner date at his cabin in the mountains. Jared agrees. During dinner that night, they realize they are caught in a snowstorm and are stuck at the cabin overnight. It’s a good thing Jensen has a huge fireplace and lots of blankets to snuggle under to keep each other warm.

A/N: Based on the prompt “I really like you and wanted to ask you out but I’m too shy to do that and now we are trapped by a snowstorm together and I’m freaking out inside.” Jared may have freaked out in the beginning, but Jensen knew how to keep him warm through the storm. I hope you can snuggle up this holiday season!

Click the image to see full size!!  Enjoy!

Drawn on paper and shaded in Photoshop!
References used.

Inktober Day 10

Yes I am finally participating in Inktober this year!!
I've decided to keep it small this year because of my limited time.  So yes, each day is literally 1 square inch. Any of them recognizable?

I'll update when I can, but I still plan to complete each day.

Art for the 2016 spn_j2_bigbang

Art done for the spn_j2_bigbang

Title: Lyall - The Story of the Durnibaar Wolves
Author: sanshal
Artist: sammycolt24
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Genre: AU
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:
Warnings: Slow-build, situations of dubious consent, language, mentions of homophobia, animal slaughter, hunting, deception, near-death experience.

Summary: Jared sometimes wonders what his life would have been like if he hadn’t joined that fateful research expedition all those years ago… It had been a harrowing experience and he had lost a majority of his teammates, but had he not joined that expedition, he wouldn’t have met Jensen and his wolves either…

Link to Fic: This Way

Notes: I just want to thank my 2nd author for this year’s bigbang.  She has written a wonderful story and is an amazingly sweet and patient person, especially when I constantly bombarded her with thought after thought. There were quite a few scenes that inspired me draw so that I kept drawing and drawing, as you will see below the cut.

I enjoyed the story and I hope all of you enjoy the art.  Head on over to the story when you get a chance.  In fact, if you don’t want spoilers, read the story and then drop by J

Thank you mods for hosting another wonderful year of bigbangs.

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Art for the 2016 spn_j2_bigbang

Art done for the spn_j2_bigbang

Fic title: My Good Boy
Author name: samanddeanfan1
Artist name: sammycolt24
Genre: AU slave!fic
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Mature
Word count: 39K
Warnings: slave!fic, world building, Jared is 16, non-con concepts, hurt/comfort, angst
Summary: AU where slavery is an established practice. Jensen, a widower and father of 3, has always worked hard to provide for his family. When his youngest son starts school, he knows it is time to start looking for someone to help him around the house. Can he find more than just a trained slave to help him raise his children?

Link to fic: This Way

Notes:  I want to thank my author for writing a compelling and thoughtful story about Jensen's care for sweet Jared. So many scenes inspired the art you will see below and I had quite a lot of fun drawing them.  I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I did.

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art done for the sammybigbang

Art done for the sammybigbang

Title: A Walking Cliche
Author: aria_lerendeair
Artist: sammycolt24
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 14,000
Warnings: Angst, miscommunication

Summary: Sam is six years old when he gets a chance to pick a muse. Not all kids get a muse, only the special ones, and he’s special just like Dean. He knows exactly which muse he’s going to pick, the one with the pretty golden eyes. Eighteen years as Muse and Aspirant later, there’s a big misunderstanding, which leads to some revelations and catching up on lost opportunities for them both.

Link to Story: this way

Below the cut is the art for the cute story.  I hope you all enjoy! I had fun doing the art for my wonderful author!

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gift for the spn-j2-xmas exchange

Here is my gift for oobydooby67

Title: A Day on the Oregon Trail
Pairing/Characters: J2
Word count/Medium: 1660 and ART
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: badass!Jared, mpreg!Jared, bandit death (not J2), some swearing
Summary:Here is a gift for the wonderful oobydooby67 for the spn-j2 xmas gift exchange. I chose your prompt: J2 left their comfortable Boston home for adventure and greener pastures. Determined to start a new life for them, Jensen has joined them on a wagon train. Rocky situations arise on the Oregon Trail, and it doesn't exactly help that badass Jared, an expert with a pistol, is six months pregnant with twins. I hope you enjoy it!

The art piece is at the end of the story! Happy Holidays dear!

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Art for the Sastiel_bigbang

art done for the sastiel_bigbang challenge

Title: Face Paint
Author: Glitter_Lisp
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters/Pairing(s): Sam/Castiel
Rating: G
Word Count: 6780
Summary: Cas is the definition of an eccentric artist, Anna is his longsuffering agent, and Sam somehow just became his nanny. Facepaints, laundry, and other suitably artsy shenanigans ensue.

Link to Story: AO3

Artist Notes: So I became a pinch hitter for this story and boy, was I glad I did! It was such a cute story and I had fun doing the art for it! It was such a pleasure working with my author.

So, enjoy! The last image is a spoiler, so I suggest reading the short story first :)

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Art done for the spn_j2_bigbang

Done for the spn_j2_bigbang

Title: Mind, Body, Soul
Author: silveritas
Artist: sammycolt24
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 Art: R
Word Count: 130,000
Warnings: M/M, Top!Jensen, Bottom!Jared, switching, explicit M/M, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics where the two leads are alpha/beta, werewolves, pack dynamics, politics, angst, sexism/classism, past abuse with some flashing back and unhappy bits of memories, knotting, mpreg, kidnapping, violence, shape shifting, fluff, betrayal, various CW and J2 fic regulars as characters in this story, character death (no main characters), self-lubrication, breeding kink, lots of talk about reproduction, scenting, marking/biting/biting kink, mating cycles/in heat, bonding, soul mates, happy ending.

Summary: Jared has lived in secret shame his entire life, being the first beta child born to the powerful Alpha of San Antonio Pack. When he ran away to find a new start and landed in Dallas, he never thought he could leave it all behind. But a chance encounter with the young and enigmatic Alpha of Dallas has everything from his past coming back as he fights for control over himself as feelings he never thought he'd have drive him closer and closer to the handsome Alpha and force him to examine his own nature and what it means to be an unconventional Beta for an unconventional Alpha.

Link to Story: this way

Note: This story was so much fun to read.  It had a little bit of everything (mostly fluff and porn) in it and don't let the length scare you.  Mind, Body, Soul is well written by a wonderful author who had everything planned out, including the dynamics of Texas pack alphas and whom was releted to whom.  It is worth the read!

I just wanted to thank my author for writing such an inspiring story about how Jared found his way to becoming his own self and not what others want him to be.  Through Jensen he was able to discover and love himself. I had so much fun doing the art.

Art is below the cut.  The last image is NSFW. Enjoy.

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art for the teenwolfbigbang

art done for the teenwolfbigbang

Title: Half the Time We're Gone, But We Don't Know Where
Author: freakgeeknation
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles
Rating: NC-17, Art: T
Word Count: 17,500
Warnings: None

Summary: What if Teen Wolf wasn't about Scott McCall getting bitten by a werewolf? What if it was about the Hale family and Claudia Stilinski? What if they were connected more than the show has let on? Derek promised his mother he would look after Claudia Stilinski's son, Stiles, after her death. She was special; and so is her son. But when Derek loses his own family and his feelings for Stiles turn into something more, promises get broken as Stiles is left alone and Derek takes off for New York.
But fate always intervenes. Especially when it comes to the Hales and the Stilinski's.

Link to Fic: here

Notes: Thanks to my author who wrote a wonderful story. These two characters were fun to draw.

Art is below. Click on the images to view bigger versions. Enjoy!

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ohsam fanworks challenge

Here is my contribution to the ohsam fanworks challenge

Title: Sleepy Sammy
Artist: sammycolt24
Rating: PG
Genre/pairing: Gen, none
Characters: Older Teen Sam
Summary: Dean thinks Sam is just so cute when he's sleeping, but Sam is too out of it to believe him.

Warnings: partial sleepy nudity

Notes: This was drawn for the challenge prompt "sick, sleepy Sammy with blankets" by ladykorana.  At first I thougth Sam would be a cocooner with blankets, but then thought his body might run hot all the time, so maybe he starts cuddled with blankets, but then ends up sleeping on them. Dean thinks it's adorable.

click below to view a larger image

Drawn in pencil, reference used.  Edited in Photoshop.