sammycolt24 (sammycolt24) wrote,

ohsam fanworks challenge

Here is my contribution to the ohsam fanworks challenge

Title: Sleepy Sammy
Artist: sammycolt24
Rating: PG
Genre/pairing: Gen, none
Characters: Older Teen Sam
Summary: Dean thinks Sam is just so cute when he's sleeping, but Sam is too out of it to believe him.

Warnings: partial sleepy nudity

Notes: This was drawn for the challenge prompt "sick, sleepy Sammy with blankets" by ladykorana.  At first I thougth Sam would be a cocooner with blankets, but then thought his body might run hot all the time, so maybe he starts cuddled with blankets, but then ends up sleeping on them. Dean thinks it's adorable.

click below to view a larger image

Drawn in pencil, reference used.  Edited in Photoshop.
Tags: 2015, sam winchester
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