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art for the teenwolfbigbang

art done for the teenwolfbigbang

Title: Half the Time We're Gone, But We Don't Know Where
Author: freakgeeknation
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles
Rating: NC-17, Art: T
Word Count: 17,500
Warnings: None

Summary: What if Teen Wolf wasn't about Scott McCall getting bitten by a werewolf? What if it was about the Hale family and Claudia Stilinski? What if they were connected more than the show has let on? Derek promised his mother he would look after Claudia Stilinski's son, Stiles, after her death. She was special; and so is her son. But when Derek loses his own family and his feelings for Stiles turn into something more, promises get broken as Stiles is left alone and Derek takes off for New York.
But fate always intervenes. Especially when it comes to the Hales and the Stilinski's.

Link to Fic: here

Notes: Thanks to my author who wrote a wonderful story. These two characters were fun to draw.

Art is below. Click on the images to view bigger versions. Enjoy!


Stiles and the Spark

Sketched on paper, with Copic. Textures added in photoshop, thanks to scanned in scrapbooking paper.  So many wonderful designs.

Professor Derek

Sketched on paper, with Copic. Textures added in photoshop. Sexy!

The Kiss

Sketched on paper, with Copic. Textures added in photoshop.

The Painting

An abstract painting that Derek did while in New York.  Acrylic on acrylic board.


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the art. It was a pleasure to work with my author!
Tags: art 2014, derek hale, magic au, stiles stillinski, teenwolfbigbang
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