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Art for the Sastiel_bigbang

art done for the sastiel_bigbang challenge

Title: Face Paint
Author: Glitter_Lisp
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters/Pairing(s): Sam/Castiel
Rating: G
Word Count: 6780
Summary: Cas is the definition of an eccentric artist, Anna is his longsuffering agent, and Sam somehow just became his nanny. Facepaints, laundry, and other suitably artsy shenanigans ensue.

Link to Story: AO3

Artist Notes: So I became a pinch hitter for this story and boy, was I glad I did! It was such a cute story and I had fun doing the art for it! It was such a pleasure working with my author.

So, enjoy! The last image is a spoiler, so I suggest reading the short story first :)

no title

Children's markers, can't go wrong with them. I made 2 versions for my author because I just couldn't decide.



Face Paint

This is the concluding image for the story.  Sam and Cas end up drawing on each other's faces with markers.  How fun is that.  I really enjoyed painting these images on thier faces.  Makes me want to go out and do it myself.  References used.
Thanks for stopping by!
Tags: 2015, castiel, sam winchester, sastiel_bigbang
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