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gift for the spn-j2-xmas exchange

Here is my gift for oobydooby67

Title: A Day on the Oregon Trail
Pairing/Characters: J2
Word count/Medium: 1660 and ART
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: badass!Jared, mpreg!Jared, bandit death (not J2), some swearing
Summary:Here is a gift for the wonderful oobydooby67 for the spn-j2 xmas gift exchange. I chose your prompt: J2 left their comfortable Boston home for adventure and greener pastures. Determined to start a new life for them, Jensen has joined them on a wagon train. Rocky situations arise on the Oregon Trail, and it doesn't exactly help that badass Jared, an expert with a pistol, is six months pregnant with twins. I hope you enjoy it!

The art piece is at the end of the story! Happy Holidays dear!


As the last gunshot echoed through the canyon, the bandit fell from his horse.  A long silence hung in the air. Jensen peered slowly around the wagon horse’s legs.  The man on the ground didn’t move. Good.

Jensen carefully got up from his crouched position. He walked slowly to the fallen man, holding his gun ready.  When he reached the spot where the man fell, he lightly kicked him in the arm. Nothing. No movement, no noise.  Must be dead then.

As Jensen turned his head to shout all was safe, he heard the indistinguishable click of a hammer. He turned back to the fallen man only to find a gun pointing at his head.


A gunshot echoed once more. Only the sound of a beating heart permeated through the silence. Once the echo faded, running feet broke the silence.

“Did I get ‘im?”

Jensen opened his eyes and took a deep breath.  That was way too close.  He knew he should’ve shot ‘im one last time to make sure he was dead.  Looking out of the corner of his eye, Jared appeared at his shoulder.

He saw Jared crouch at the man’s side and lift the handkerchief from his neck.  He pressed his fingers to the man’s throat and waited. 1…2…3.

“No pulse. He’s dead now.” Jared leaned over to examine the bullet hole right in the center of the bandit’s forehead.

“Clean right through.” Jensen turned back to the wagon where Jared fired the shot, then back at the their position. Almost 200 yards.  Damn! His husband was a good shot.

“But your first bullet missed.”

Jared glanced at Jensen and back to the dead man. He threw back the shirt collar and a bright red spot swept over the man’s chest.  “Missed the heart by a hair. Yours on the other hand,” Jared pointed to another red spot below the ribcage, “was a mile off.”

Well shit. Jensen really thought his aim was true. “You still missed.”

“Well, I would have hit it, if my dang husband didn’t spook the horses at the last second with he fired his gun. The wagon jerked forward.” Jared tried to stand, bracing his arm against his knee, but fell backwards on his butt.

Jensen can clearly see from where he was standing how pregnant his husband is.  His belly bulges underneath Jensen’s borrowed shirt.  It’s too small already? Shoot.  Jared keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Oop. Don’t say that out loudJared would have his ass if he ever uttered that word again.

Jared threw a glare at Jensen. “You gonna help me up or keep standing there looking stupid?”

Jensen offered his hands to Jared and grunts as he pulls him up.  “Your unfathomable beauty makes me stupid.”

“And your full a’ shit.” Jared brushes the dust off his pants, but turns away from his husband to hide a blush.

Jensen walks behind Jared and wraps his arms around his waist. He lays his hands on Jared’s belly. Jared laces his fingers with Jensen’s. “And I thought I told you to stay in the damn wagon and keep your head down.” This is the third ambush on the wagon train this week alone.  The canyons were treacherous and he couldn’t wait to be out of ‘em.  He was worried for his husband’s safety, for obvious reasons. The horses were trained well, but even they were restless of the looming canyon walls.

“I was in the wagon. The bandit passed in front of the horses and I had a clean shot so I took it, and I got ‘im.”  Jared turns his head to smirk at Jensen.

“That’ supposed to be my job.” Jensen gives Jared a kiss.

“And yet, I’m the one with the best aim…and I’m pregnant…with your babies.”

God, twins.  Jensen can only picture two little ones running around instead of the one they were planning.  It was a feat in itself.  They tried for a long time to get Jared pregnant, but it wasn’t meant to be.  When times got hard in Boston, they heard of greener pastures heading west. Jensen gathered Jared up and all he could take. They set out with the wagon train on the Oregon Trail.  Two months into the trip, Jared discovered he was pregnant, thanks to another pregnant couple who saw the signs.  Jensen had never been so happy.  Now Jared is six months pregnant and the journey is starting to take its toll on Jared. He’ll admit that he’s fine, but Jensen can see it.  He doesn’t comment. Instead, he does what he can for Jared.

Jared laid his head on Jensen’s shoulder for a moment longer. Jared winces a little and Jensen feels a kick. Jensen smiles. They just started kicking a few weeks ago and lets just say he has a new excuse touch his husband.

“We’d better go back and make sure everyone is alright.”

“Mmm. I’ll go and help, you head to the wagon and get some rest.”

“Jensen, I’m not an invalid.  Let me check on the horses.”

“Alright. You get the horses and I’ll help the others.”  Thankfully this time, no one was killed. A boy was injured when the yolk strap snapped on an ox, during the frenzy. He was trying to stop the ox when it reared and stepped on the boy. He’s got a hoof print on his gut, but other than that he’s fine.

By the time everything calmed, the sun passed behind the canyon walls. There was no point in continuing, so horses and oxen were unhitched and fires were lit for supper.

Jensen unhitched and fed the horses while Jared prepared their supper.  He’s been rubbing his back for a while now and supporting his belly. Jensen walks over to Jared and takes the pot from him.

“Why don’t you sit down and I’ll finish cooking the beans.”

Jared didn’t argue and sat back in his chair that Jensen made for him.  He stretched his legs and watched his husband work.  When the beans and rice were cooked, they both ate in comfortable silence.  By then the sun had fully set and darkness fell upon them.

They had a long day on their journey and both were tired.  Jared helped Jensen clean up and prepare for bed.  Jared lay the blankets down inside the wagon. There wasn’t much room to begin with, as they were carrying everything they owned.  They could sleep in the tent on the ground, but Jared’s back couldn’t take it anymore.  He was shifting positions constantly just to find a comfortable position.  Climbing off the wagon was easier than coming up from the ground.  It makes his nightly potty breaks easier.

Jared climbed into the wagon. It took him a few minutes of awkward maneuvering, but he managed.  He hung the lantern on its hook, hung a sheet over the opening, and sat down to remove his pants. It was getting too hot outside, even at night. Then the wagon shook as Jensen climbed in beside him. He had removed his shirt already and was working on unbuckling his belt.

“Did you check the horses?”

“Yep. They’re all set for the night.” Jensen finished removing his clothing and slid beneath the blankets. He turned to Jared, who had just finished removing his shirt.  He set it within reach for when he needed to venture outside. He learned his lesson a while back.  Turns out quite a few people are up at night doing God knows what.  He scared this poor woman.  Gave her a fright.

Jared sighed and started rubbing his back again.  Man, his babies were getting heavy.

Jensen knew what to do. “Come here. Do you want your back rubbed?”

“Would you?”

“Anything for you, love.” It amazed Jared what Jensen was willing to do for him. Jared scooted back into Jensen’s arms and leaned against him.  Jensen began working his fingers into the knots and Jared was in heaven. A while later, he felt Jared wince again and paused.

Jared put his hand on his belly. “They won’t stop kicking me. It’s startin’ to hurt.”

Jensen placed his hand where Jared’s was.  He felt a light push against his hand. He smiled. “At this rate, they’ll keep me up all night.” Jared closed his eyes.

Jensen had an idea.  He laid Jared down and scooted toward his belly.  He rested his hands on the swell and began to hum a tune. When he was through with the verse, he began to whistle the same tune.  Then in a low voice, he started singing:

Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony,
Stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni.

The body beneath him began to shake, as Jared recognized the song and couldn’t help laughing. Jensen grinned and continued the nursery rhyme:

Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle Dandy,
Mind the music and the step, and with the girls be handy. 

As Jensen kept singing, the light pushes against his hands began to lessen and lessen.  On his fourth run through the song, there was no movement at all. His babies were finally fast asleep. He held his hands in place for a moment longer and looked up to check on Jared.  He had also fallen asleep.

Damn. Jensen wanted to spend a little while cuddling with Jared, but he knew his husband would need all the sleep he can get.  Jensen inched his was back up Jared’s body, pulling the blanket over the both of them.  He settled against Jared’s side and watched him sleep for a moment.  He lightly kissed his husband goodnight, and placed a hand on his swollen belly. It was a small gesture of connection and protection.  Jensen finally closed his eyes. He fell asleep, listening to the rhythm of Jared’s breaths. Tomorrow, they will be one day closer to their new home, where he’ll soon be watching his family grow.

The End

Notes: I had fun coming up with a small story and working on the art. And Jared is pregnant in the picture.  I tried to enphasize the swell of a 6-month pregnant belly. Then we have Jensen and his hat.  As for the nursery rhyme, it's one that was sung to me when I was a kid.  Anybody remember Yankee Doodle?  Here is the link for the full song if you're curious. This way to video. References were used as well.

Well, dear I hope you enjoyed your gift. Happy Holidays!
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