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Title: Let it Snow
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared
Medium: Art
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Jared is so shy that he when he asks Jensen out he fumbles his way through it. Thankfully Jensen’s been secretly waiting for Jared to ask, so he suggests a cozy dinner date at his cabin in the mountains. Jared agrees. During dinner that night, they realize they are caught in a snowstorm and are stuck at the cabin overnight. It’s a good thing Jensen has a huge fireplace and lots of blankets to snuggle under to keep each other warm.

A/N: Based on the prompt “I really like you and wanted to ask you out but I’m too shy to do that and now we are trapped by a snowstorm together and I’m freaking out inside.” Jared may have freaked out in the beginning, but Jensen knew how to keep him warm through the storm. I hope you can snuggle up this holiday season!

Click the image to see full size!!  Enjoy!

Drawn on paper and shaded in Photoshop!
References used.
Tags: 2016, jared, jensen, spn_j2_xmas
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