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'Back to You' Art

Done for the spnaubigbang

Title: Back to You

Authors: j2wincestotpdarklingdawns
Artist: sammycolt24
2nd Artist daevanna
Pairing:   Sam/Dean
Rating:   NC-17
Word Count:
Warnings Underage sexual contact, Cas-whumpage, non-con, and unapologetic schmoop

Summary: When Castiel is looking for a way to distract Dean from his upcoming ritual, he does what any bad guy would do - he takes Sam. Dean has to try to find a way to get his brother back, no matter what. Even if that means making a deal with the King of Hell.

Fic Masterpost
Art Masterpost-1

Art for this wonderful story is below.  Please click the images to check out a bigger version.
And now for something completely different!


I'm Right Here Sam!


Title is simple for this piece.  Sam keeps looking, searching for Dean, but he's right there if front of Sam! Or is he?  I was trying to come up with something metaphorical, so please feel free to interpret it how ever you wish :)

It's Always Been You, Dean.
The constant thing in Sam's abrupt travels is Dean, so I wanted to represent it using his eyes.  Dean is everything to Sam, so in every place, the one thing he searches for is Dean.  Then we have one instant where Dean searchers for Sam...  Again, speaking in riddles, but this was such a moving story, I think it is best to read it, and I'll let you interpret what you want it to mean.

Artist Techniques:  Both were sketched on paper using H thru 6B pencils.  Both were scanned into photoshop, fixed up, and colored.  References of characters used.  The cloudy sky is a screenshot from season 1 episode 8 (Bugs).

Artist Notes: I had a lot of fun choosing this fiction to complete some art for and I was happy (and sad) to read this wonderful story.  It was so fun to see Sam travel to all these alternate realities where I think Dean, in that moment in time, needed Sam the most.  The relationship Sam creates with all these Dean's makes him miss the one he has with his Dean.  But, lets not spoil the story here.  So lets head on over and read Back to You.

Tags: 2013, art, dean winchester, sam winchester, spnaubigbang
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