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Done for the spnslashbigbang

Title: Siren Song

Author: darklingdawns
Artist: sammycolt24
Pairing:   Dean/Spike, Sam/Xander, hints of Spike/Angel
Rating:   NC-17
Word Count:
Warnings: Major character death, bloodily, characters being mean to each other

Summary: Picks up after Twihard, but there's a reason Dean was throwing up after he took the cure - it didn't take.  He's a left a vampire, and while he tries to ignore it, that turns out to be a very bad idea.  At the end of his rope, Sam calls on an old contact of their father's, who promises to send them help in the form of a vampire expert.  Problem is, they didn't expect the vampire expert to be a vampire himself! Dean is forced to spend some time with his new mentor, learning about what it means to be a vampire, from blood (which he doesn't want to drink) to sires (which he doesn't have) and more. Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

link to fic

Artist Notes: Have you ever claimed two different stories in two different bigbangs and gotten the same author?  What a coincidence!  I never thought it'd happen to me, but it did.  I am pleased to have claimed the wonderful darklingdawns stories (psssst, they're over here)  and this time we have Sam and Dean and Spike and Angel.  This new story got me into Buffy and now I can't stop watching it.  How did I miss all these good shows while I was growing up?  Anywho, I enjoyed the story and I hope you all do too. Thank you darkling for writing such an awesome story.  It was fun working with you :)

And now, get out your stakes and garlic and check out the art below (and they are better viewed by clicking on the images--it makes them bigger) and then check out the story.


Blood everywhere!  Dean, you uh, missed a spot. I was trying to give Dean a paler complexion and since he didn't want to drink blood at first, I imagined his skin got paler and his eyes look sunken it.  Spike was fun (and very new to draw).

It's the ugly orange plaid shirt Sam wears (which I happen to like)!!  Xander was fun to draw to.  I had fun watching him in the show.  Sam and Xander would make to be great partners in crime.

Artist techniques: These were fun to draw and I thought I'd try something different with my coloring and I am pleased with how they came out.  These were sketches on paper and was painted in Photoshop.  Many a references were used for these lovely men ;) The backgrounds were googled (moon's and landscapes).  Credit for the city skyline can be found here.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoyed!

Tags: artwork, dean winchester, sam winchester, spike, spnslashbigbang, xander
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