art for the sammybigbang #2

art done for the sammybigbang challenge, this is my second collab.

Title: The Trial of Sam Winchester
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: --
Warnings: wincest, torture, non-con (not between Sam and Dean), some BDSM elements. Scarring and tattoos in the art.

Summary: Six months after Jess, Sam decides to go back to Stanford for graduation to see his old friends. Dean goes to Arizona on a hunt while Sam has his weekend. When Dean comes back on Sunday to pick Sam up, he's missing. What's taken him and can Dean save him?

Link to Story: None, my author had to drop out :(

Notes: Thank you to my author and for the mods for dedicating a bang just for Sammy.  Please click on images to view the larger version.

The second image is NSFW.  And they are spoilers, so if you want to read the story first, go ahead. Enjoy!

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art for the sammybigbang

art done for the sammybigbang challenge

Title: Tempting Sin
Author: sweet-sammy-kisses
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters/Pairing: Sam Campbell/Dean Winchester, Meg/Castiel
Rating: M
Word Count: 22,600
Warnings: A/O/B, smut, mpreg, omega!Jared, alpha!Jensen

Summary: Dean Winchester rules New York City underground and always gets what he wants so when he lays eyes on the newest dancer at his club a sweet little omega named Sam Campbell he knows that Sam is meant to be his and nothing and no one will stop him from claiming his omega. Sam never had much luck in love, his one and only boyfriend used him and then dumped him like trash so when Dean starts to court him Sam surprises everyone when he's the one who seduces the playboy alpha.

Link to Story: this way

Notes: Thanks to my author for the wonderful and heart throbbing story.  Please click on images to view the larger version.


drawn and written in pencil, colored in photoshop
The idea for the banner emerged from the tattoo on Dean's shoulder (see image below) which is meant to symbolize the innocent one and the sinful one.  Originally I had Dean tempting Sam, but it can be seen the other way where Sam is sin and Dean is tempted.  It would be best if you read the story and determine that for yourself.

The Greek God and Fallen Angel- Sam
Pencil sketch, colored in photoshop
Sam is a greek god/fallen angel stripper at Dean's nightclub.  Guess who got an eyeful of this seventh wonder ;)

Angel and Sin Together
Pencil sketch, colored in Photoshop
So, who do you think is the angel and who is sin? Whom tempted whom? Alpha Dean is very possessive of Sam, and I think Sam likes it.

spn_reversebang masterpost

Done for the spn_reversebang

Fic Title: Higher Order Concerns
Artist: sammycolt24
Author: idiotbrothers
Fandom/Genre: SPN AU
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: T, for language and mildly sensual scene
Word Count: 4,000
Warnings: mentions of alcoholism
Summary: Mere minutes after the final Seal is broken, Sam decides to sacrifice himself in order to keep Lucifer bound. Subsequently, he falls into a coma for years, and Dean waits by his side for much of that time, desperately hoping that he'll wake up. While Sam rests inert and immovable, Dean speaks more words to him daily than he ever did when Sam could respond, and grapples with feelings that he didn't realize he had.

Link to Fic: LJ

Artist Notes:  Thanks so much to my author idiotbrothers for writing a wonderful story based on my prompt.  I am so in love with it.  It was a pleasure working with you. And thanks to the mods for giving all of us this wonderful reversebang.

And now, onto the art. Click on images to view larger counterpart.


Original Prompt:

Title of prompt: A Binding Sacrifice
Rating of Art: PG-13
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Short description of art: Sam willingly gave his life to become the final seal to bind Lucifer in Hell forever. Dean, bound to Sam, becomes his Guardian. No monster that tries to free Him is safe…Then, 18 years pass. Dean is tired and lonely. “I miss you so much Sammy. You’ve given enough. You’ve done your time. Let’s fight, together like we used to. Sam. It’s time to wake up…”

So I've had this idea for a really long time and I wanted to try it as a prompt this year.  The idea was inspired by the game "Drakengard" where a dragon and human bind to each other.  At the end of the game the dragon becomes a seal to keep the world at peace and the monsters out.  But the human (Kaim) still had a bond with the dragon and lived a lonely 18 years before he could release the dragon and become one again.

Anyways, I thought it would be neat if Sam did something similar and became a seal while bound to Dean, but Dean became his protector.  He fights to keep the monsters away from Sam, and had gotten several close calls, hence the scarring around his eye.  After several years he is just done being lonely, so he wakes up Sam and together they deal with the fallout.  And then it kindof evolved from there.  Here's some dialogue I wanted to include with my prompt, but it wouldn't have worked out.

18 years Sammy. It’s been 18 long years.
I’ve forgotten the sound of your voice—
the color of your eyes—
the touch of your body beneath mine.
All I have now is that stupid green wrap you wore all the time,

You gave your life Sam, to protect the world.
You became the seal to bind Lucifer to Hell.
He is locked away —
And yet they still come—
but nothing, no monster, can’t ever break me!

I’ve fought for so long to keep you safe.
The seal over my heart bounds me to you. To protect you at all costs.
But I’m tired.
I miss you so much Sammy.
You’ve given enough. You’ve done your time.
Screw the rest of the world.
Let’s fight, together like we used to.
It’s time to wake up…

So anyways, please read and enjoy "Higher Order Concerns."

2014 spn_j2_xmas gift exchange

Done for the spn_j2_xmas gift exchange

Title: Strike a Pose for Me
Giftee: annie46
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 1900 with art
Rating: R
Warnings: nudity, language, nsfw, unbetaed, mistakes are mine

Summary: While Dean searches through Sam’s bag for a clean shirt, he comes across an old notebook, probably a journal from Sam’s Stanford days. Dean knows he shouldn’t look, but he couldn’t resist. What he finds instead are drawings of his Sammy, posing for the artist. Dean confronts Sam about these striking poses.

Notes: Many thanks to my giftee annie46 who wanted Sam and Dean. You asked for some sexy times and innocent virgin Sam, so I chose to do some foreplay. I hope you enjoy this gift and have a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy! Click on images to view larger version


Dean knows he shouldn’t have looked, but the last clean shirt was literally lying on top of the notebook at the bottom of Sam’s bag.  He knew how limited their privacy was and their bags were at the top of that list.  It’s not like he wants Sam digging deep into his bag either.  The notebook was warn and falling apart.  It seemed to have quite a few pieces of notes jammed in between the sheets, making it kinda thick and bulky.

But the voice inside Dean’s head was just nagging at him to look, to make sure everything was okay with Sam.  It’s not like Sam has that many secrets in his life, right?

Maybe just a peek.

Dean opened the first few pages and saw…notes from some of Sam’s pre-law classes.  The pages are covered in Sam’s neat scrawling, talking about law mumbo-jumbo that Dean will never understand.

Great. The nerd keeps his school notes. 

Just as Dean chuckled to himself and closed the notebook to put it back, a neat, folded sheet slips out.

Dean eyes the white paper.  He looks toward the motel door to make sure Sam ain’t coming back yet and lifts up the corner very carefully--

to see pencil lines.  Huh, must be a drawing. Wait! Since when could Sam draw?

Dean lifts the corner further to see a long leg— that keeps going and going up the page.  He sees a curtain and the light coming through a window.

He sees the long and lanky arms that conspicuously hide a treasure trail below the belly button and the unbelievable torso, with just the hint of abs forming.

He sees the light shading of perky nipples and why is there something familiar with that collarbone?

Dean’s heart beats a little faster and a familiar warm feeling settles low in his belly. He finally opens the page fully to see—

“Holy hell!”

Dean can recognize that face anywhere, even looking at an artists’ rendition. He see’s the slight dip in the brow and the long pointed nose.  He sees the thin lips and the uncombed mane that has always graced his brother’s head.

Dean can’t stop staring at the drawing of his Sammy.  The lines are neat and precise, like the artist knew what he was doing, but purposefully kept it looking like a sketch. He looks over the crisp marks to find any sign of a signature.  He finds the initials ‘A.S.’  Then that means Sam didn’t draw these—obviously.

So then who the hell was allowed to look at and draw Sam naked?

Dean set the drawing down carefully and opened the notebook to find another folded sheet of paper.  He slowly opened this one to find another drawing of Sam.  This time he was kneeling on the bed, bracing his weight on his knees and the balls of his feet.  He had his arms up in front of his face, brushing the hair away from his eyes.

Woah Sammy, when did you grow some muscle?

Dean’s eyes followed the arms down the toned torso to see the same treasure trail lead to the thicker and fuller nest of dark curls.  Dean’s pants felt tighter as he followed the lines of Sam’s legs to find—

“Holy crap!”

--Sam’s prick…and it was hard.


Dean couldn’t believe it.  That’s twice now that someone got see Sam like this.  He searches again for the signature and finds the same initials, A.S.

That fucker.

Dean’s not sure what to think. Sure he’s got feelings for Sam, had them for a while now; and he knows Sam is his brother, but he’s come to terms with that.

But damnit! It should be him that gets to see Sam in all his naked glory.

“What naked glory?”

Dean whirls around to see Sam putting the bags of breakfast on the motel table that has certainly seen better days.

When did he come in?

“You must be losing your touch Dean, I was pretty loud a—”

Sam stops mid sentence and eyes the yellow notebook Dean still has in his hand.

“Dean, why is my notebook in your hand and not in my bag where it should be?”  Sam folds his arms over his chest and yeah, that’s definitely a bitch face—estimation: 6.5 on Dean’s scale.

“Uh…”  Dean tries to hide the notebook behind his back, but forgot that a majority of the sheets are loose, which are now scattered all over the floor.

“What the hell, Dean?”  Sam scrambles to the floor to pick up the sketches before Dean can see the rest of them. “ I don’t snoop in your bag, so why’d you go through mine?”

Dean’s knees unfreeze and he kneels on the floor to help Sam and mumbles.  “Needed a clean shirt.”

“It’s called a Laundromat dip-shit.  You take your clothes before you run out of clean underwear, and you wash them and then you dry them and then- wha-la- you have clean clothes, which results in you not going through my stuff.”

“You know I hate doing laundry.”  Sam just rolls his eyes, ignores Dean, and continues organizing the sketches into a neater pile.

Dean remembers the sketch in his other hand. “Who is A.S.?”


Dean points to the initials.  Sam follows his finger. “Who is this?”

Sam signs and his shoulders slump like he’s picking his battle whether or not to argue.  Dean feels a little guilty for putting Sam on the spot.  But only just a little.


“Ashley? Isn’t that a girl’s name?”

“A-S-H-L-E-I-G-H. And no, guys can be named it too. In fact, the earliest form of the name that was recorded, came from a guy mentioned in the Bible—”


“You jerk.” Dean smirked at Sam.

“Bitch.” Dean automatically replies.  Sam seemed to calm down after that.

“He was my roommate third semester.  He was taking a life drawing class and wanted to use me as practice.”

“What, he couldn’t get enough naked bodies in class?”

Sam shook his head, knowing what Dean’s thinking.  “Only you Dean. But that’s not what the class was about.  It was about understanding how the human body was shaped and formed.  So far, all the subjects they were drawing were female and he wanted to draw males.  He asked me and I agreed to pose for him.”  Sam was blushing now.

Dean showed him the drawing he was holding of Sam kneeling on the bed.  “Did you get off on it too?”

Sam’s blush intensified. “No Dean, he wanted…” Sam’s hand flailed like he was trying to explain it with hand gestures.  “He wanted to capture my raw emotion.” Sam caught the blank look on his brother’s face.  “He wanted to draw me when I felt the most vulnerable—” Dean tensed and his smile disappeared, “—no, not like that kind of vulnerable, like I was just being me, myself, innocent, whatever you want to call it, and the best time he wanted to draw that moment was right after I woke up, which explains the, uh, you know..?”  Sam gestured to the area of his nether regions.

“And he captured it pretty darned good.  Anything else he get to see?”  Dean’s tone changed and again, his jealousy flared up.

“No, Dean, he didn’t ge—”

“’Cause the only one who has ever seen you like that is me, and the only one who should see you like that is me!”  Dean couldn’t control the words coming out of his mouth.  All those feelings he’s promised to keep inside, suddenly burst free.

Sam looks at him like he can see right through him.  “You’re jealous aren’t you?”

Dean holds his ground. “Am not.”

Sam gives him a knowing smile, teasing.  “Are too.”

“No. I’m. Not!”  Just as Dean is readying himself to stand, Sam leans into his space. Dean’s breath hitches.

He whispers, “You just want me to pose for you, huh?” Sam waggles his eyebrows.

Dean doesn’t know how it happens, but the next thing he knows he’s got his lips on Sam and is leaning into Sam’s personal space.

Sam freezes for a moment and lets Dean’s presence wash over him.

Is this really happening? Is Dean really kissing me?

When Dean doesn’t pull away Sam finally gets with the program and kisses back.  He slips his hands into Dean’s short-cropped hair and feels every soft bristle at the nape of his neck.  Dean tilts forward and Sam loses his balance. His back lands on the carpet and Dean is leaning over him in an instant.  He rests on his knees and elbows so he can slant further to kiss Sam some more.  Sam wraps his arms around Dean’s shoulders.

“You want this Sammy?”

“Yeah, I..I never thought that you’d…” Sam’s breathing is ragged.

“Yeah, for a while now.”  Dean gently kisses Sam some more. “When I saw those drawings, God, Sam.”  Dean rocks his hips down onto Sam. They’re both hard.  “You’re body—just gorgeous!”  Dean peppers kisses along Sam’s jaw and down his neck where he can feel Sam’s pulse.

Sam whispers. “Want to see the real thing?”

Dean leans back and grins.  “Hell yeah.”  He surges forward with new vigor and slides his hands underneath Sam’s shirt.

Yeah, there’s definitely muscle here.

Sam’s stomach flutters under Dean’s smooth touch.  “Couch…now.”

“That ugly white thing?”

“Better than the carpet.  I can feel all the gross germs—”

“I’m up, I’m up.”  Dean stands up and offers his hands to Sam.  He pulls him up and slides his body right up against Sam’s.  He backs Sam up to the couch and quickly rips off the offending clothing covering his brother’s torso.

Sam’s knees hit the couch and he falls backward, half across the end of the couch and the armrest, his arms falling back behind his head.

Dean takes a minute to gaze at Sam, and boy does he look delicious.  He’s got the abs alright, not quite a 6-pack yet, but it will be soon.  His innie-belly-button is rising on every inhale and his treasure trail follows his stomach down to disappear into his jeans…where Dean gets an eyeful of Sam’s cock tenting his pants.  Dean just got harder himself.

Dean hurries to straddle Sam’s legs and leans down to kiss him hard.  Dean’s hands follow each rib indentation all the way down to Sam’s hips and ass.  Sam’s not sure he can move, with Dean’s mouth and hands doing all sorts of wonders.  Dean leaves his swollen lips and kisses Sam’s jaw and down the smooth planes of his neck.  Dean nips and bites his collarbone, making Sam moan.

Then Dean suddenly takes his nipple into his mouth and sucks with his tongue, making Sam’s head fall back onto the couch as he arches into Dean’s touch.  He feels the cold metal of the amulet settle just below his ribcage.

He can’t believe he’s got Dean, his Dean.  He wants to tell him that those drawings are for him, that his friend gave them to him, winked, and said ‘good luck with the guy.’ Sam can’t find the words to tell Dean about the rest of the drawings he’s got.

Oh well, they have plenty of time together.

Dean lets go of the nipple with a single pop and leans back to watch Sam again, all flustered and spit-slick.

“Now you, Sammy, know how to strike a pose.”



Thank you all for reading.  I hope you enjoyed this little fic annie46.  I had fun writing it.  I drew the art first in pencil and the story emerged from there.  It was a lot longer than I expected it to be, but I am very happy with it.

sastiel bigbang art

art done for the sastiel_bigbang challenge

Title: The Long Road Home
Author: dreamweaver37
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters/Pairing(s): Jared/Misha, Jensen/Daneel, mentions of past Jared/Gen
Rating: E (art as well)
Warnings: Mentions of Mpreg, A/B/O, emotional abuse, depression, humiliation of a weaker parter, a*hole!Jared, but has happy ending

Summary:  Jared wanted to be an alpha that his family and pack could take pride in. But after his mate abandons him and their newborn pups, condemning the babies to death, he's angry, bitter, and humiliated. Jared's mother finds him a new mate though, thus saving her grandchildren, but forcing Jared to pour salt on some open wounds.

Misha married Jared to save the tiny pups that needed him. How could he have known that Jared was a total bastard? He struggles until he breaks, and everything comes crashing down. He'll need Jared to be whole again, but can he trust the one who hurt him so deeply to do the job?

Link to story: link

Artist Notes:  As some of you know, my author has been through a rough time these past several months and is not able to post his story at this time. But he wrote such a wonderful story that I wanted to share the love dedicated to this story.

So, enjoy!

So this is the banner I chose to do because I wanted that mixed media look and also because of these beautiful flowers. They are Backhousia myrtilfolia, or Grey Myrtle, and I really wanted to use this flower because it represents the emblem of marriage, which is how Jared and Misha came to be. Then it blossoms into true love, which happens near the end of the story. Sappy I know, but I really thought it would represent the guys, plus roses are overused a lot. Oh, and there is a hint of wolf prints in there too.

Pencil, edited in Photoshop
I tried to capture the tough and hardness in Jared, so he's a jerk in this pose, before he realizes how much Misha and his pups mean everything to him.

Pencil, edited in Photoshop
I really wanted to portray Misha as the soft and loving omega that he is and I wanted to portray his status in the beginning of the story. His clothes are worn and loved, but in the eyes of Jared's people he is nothing but ragged and poor. I tried to capture that in this portrait, but his tentative smile is still underneath it all.

Pencil, edited in Photoshop
I had looked up what 6 month old wolf pups looked like and this is one of the references I came across and knowing these pups, they would climb over everything, trekking the land :) I had to draw these adorable little guys. And they are just darling in the story.

So I hope you enjoyed the art.  And thank you dreamweaver37 for writing and allowing me to do art for your story.  We will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

art for spnmpregbb

art done for the spnmpregbb bigbang challenge

Title: Most Beloved Treasure
Author: backrose_17
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters: Jensen/Jared, Jared/OMC, Steve/Christian, Misha/Genevieve, Danneel/Chad, JDM/Katie, Sandra/Alona
Genre/Pairing: Fantasy AU, Jared/Jensen
Rating:  T+
Words: 32,300
Spoilers: None
Warnings: elf!Jared, dragon!Jensen, mpreg, bottom Jared, off screen character death (not J2)

Summary: Elf Prince Jared's family and friends have always wanted one thing for their young Prince, for him to be happy. To that end, they arrange for him to marry Prince Stephan of Amell, which unfortunately results in Jared running away. Imagine everyone’s surprise when Jared returns not only pregnant with his first child but with a mate who just happens to be a dragon and the great winged beast isn't too keen on sharing Jared with the others.

Link to Story: this way

Now let's proceed to the art.
Click on images to make them larger.
I think we all like a little belly touching so here is Jensen holding Jared's tummy.  He's a little possessive though, just a little ;)

Clean Banner
Here's a clean version of the banner. Reference used.  Pen and Ink.

Jared and Jensen Tabletop Kisses
Pen and Ink. Reference used.  I think Jared wants a little table action, so Jensen gives it to him, baby bump and all. Jensen is just so understanding.

I hope you all enjoyed the art. Please be sure to leave some love for
backrose_17.  She wrote a wonderfully cute story.

art for spnmpregbb

art done for the spnmpregbb bigbang challenge

Title: I'll Put My Future In You
Author: righteousbros
Artist: sammycolt24
Characters: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Genre/Pairing: RPS, Jared/Jensen
Rating:  NC-17
Words: 20,590
Spoilers: None
Warnings: underage sex (Jared is 16), abo dynamics, mpreg, bullying, attempted sexual assault

Summary: While visiting his cousin’s elite alpha-only prep school, Haverford Academy, Jensen interrupts three big bullies harassing a defenseless younger boy.  Jensen discovers that the boy, Jared, is an omega on the cusp of his first heat and despite his better judgement he does what he can to help him through it.  In the process, he finds himself falling for this sweet lonely kid and that scares the crap out of him.  Jensen is quite happy in his responsibility-free lifestyle.  He's not looking to change and he knows that Jared is destined for greater things.  Not wanting to get involved or to hold Jared back, he takes off and leaves the boy to fend for himself.  It's a harsh decision and it haunts him for weeks afterward, unable to get the omega out of his mind.  Then out of nowhere, he finds out that fate has given him a second chance to do the right thing.  Jensen jumps at the opportunity that's being handed to him, determined to win Jared back and to prove to him that this time around he's not going anywhere.

Link to Story: this way

Now let's proceed to the art.
Click on images to make them larger.

Pen and Ink, Photoshop
I found a great reference for this pose and it worked wonderfully with showing the claim mark on the junction of his shoulder and neck.  The letters are handwritten and the string was added later.  The symbol over his heart is the symbol for Omega and I even though Jared is strong willed, he is still tied to his biology, hence the string.  This will make a little more sense after reading the story, but feel free to interpret how you will :)

Just Jared
Pen and Ink
This is Jared from the banner without all the extra stuff.  Enjoy ;) And yes, he is pregnant, but it's subtle.  I used a Bic pen to ink this, I just love these pens.

Jared in College
jared college
Pen and Ink, Photoshop
And here we have Jared in his college setting.  I wanted to portray his personality before meeting Jensen and we all have those college sweatshirts.  It says "Haverford Hellcats." I loved playing with pen and I'm happy how all these turned out.



Alpha Jensen

I hope you enjoyed the art and please give lots of love to righteousbros and her wonderful story.

References were used in all images.
Paper Bag Texture: right here